Sunday, January 16, 2011

Five of America's Snowiest Cities - Salt Lake City is on the list!

Five of America's Snowiest Cities

Denver, Colo.
Average annual inches: 60.3
A skier’s delight a few miles west, but when the wind pushes the mountain snows to the east, the city gets dumped on. The good news: lots of clear, 40ish winter days makes the snow melt pretty quickly.

Cleveland, Ohio
Average annual inches: 59.3
People seem to associate more snow with Buffalo, but the other side of Lake Erie gets smacked just as much.

Salt Lake City, Utah
Average annual inches: 58.5
Like Denver, there’s plenty on skiing and beautiful winter scenery to help make the snow more bearable.

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Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn.
Average annual inches: 49.9
The Twin Cities’ image as a place for extreme weather gets exaggerated, but there’s certainly plenty of snow.

Milwaukee, Wisc.
Average annual inches: 47.3
Just up the pike from Chicago, the Lake Michigan shore city gets hit pretty regularly. The latest storm forced the Bucks to cancel a game.